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This website provides several setups (“presets”) of interactive diatonic rulers for music theory learners to explore the relationships among pitch, scale degrees and positions, and intervals that underlie concepts like keys, transposition, and more. The idea of the diatonic ruler expands on the Norwich Sol-Fa system invented by English music educator Sarah Anna Glover (1786–1867).

This website was designed and developed in fall 2021 and IAP 2022 by Kat Huang with Nathan Lam for MIT’s introductory music theory courses, 21M.051 and 21M.301. Also thanks to Max Wang for advice on both the technical implementation design and musical user experience. The source code of this project is available at github.com/katmh/diatonic. Feel free to report bugs by creating an issue on the GitHub repository, though there are currently no contribution guidelines or guarantees about active maintenance.